1. Before installing, please make sure the motherboard BIOS is updated to the latest version.
  2. Enable Trident Z RGB Lighting Control on ASUS X99 motherboards: PDF Guide. (Guide also included in download file)
  3. X99 chipset support has been added for ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock X99 motherboards in v1.00.16+.
  4. The software will conflict with other LED lighting control software (such as ASUS Aura, Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Command Center/Mystic Light, NZXT CAM, etc.). Please do not install both software at the same time, or there may be software conflicts. We will be working in future versions to improve compatibility between the different software programs.
  5. Clean uninstall guide for v1.00.08 BETA, or PDF version HERE.
  6. If you're updating to v1.00.22 BETA or later, please click on the "DEFAULT" button in the software after installation and reboot. This will make sure that any previous lighting effects will be reset to work with the updated version.
  7. After updating to v1.00.28, and if the LED lights on the Trident Z RGB modules aren't responding, please open Task Manager, go to the Services tab (or you can open the "Run" dialog and enter "services.msc"), look for "LightingService", right click on it and choose to "Restart" the service, and then open the software. The software should then be able to sync up with the modules for lighting control.

If you are updating from v1.00.08 BETA to v1.00.16 BETA, please follow the clean uninstall guide (HERE) and follow steps #1-#4, before installing v1.00.16 BETA in step #5.

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Trident Z RGB Control Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 v1.00.28 2017 Nov 14 English 25.3 MB


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  1. 在安裝新版軟體之前,請確認主機板BIOS有更新至最新版本。
  2. 欲在ASUS X99主機板上控制Trident Z RGB幻光戟的燈效,請詳見檔案:PDF指南。(此文件包含軟體安裝檔)
  3. v1.00.16 BETA版本起,軟體加入X99晶片組支援,含ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, 和 ASRock X99主機板。
  4. 此軟體可能會與其他燈效軟體產生衝突,如ASUS Aura、Gigabyte Fusion、MSI Command Center/Mystic Light、NZXT CAM等。請用戶暫時不要同時安裝多種燈效軟體,而我們會在往後版本的軟體解決此相容性問題。
  5. 欲清除舊版軟體的殘留安裝檔,可參考v1.00.08 BETA討論串,或完整解除安裝指南.
  6. 如果您是從前一版本升級為v1.00.22 BETA或之後的版本, 請安裝及重開機完成之後,進入軟體按下"DEFAULT"。這個動作會重設之前燈效,確保新版本軟體的正確運作。
  7. 更新至v1.00.28版本之後,如果燈光無法控制,請開啟工作管理員,切到"服務"頁面,在"LightingService"點右鍵後選擇"重新啟動" (如果沒有"重新啟動"的選項,可先選"停止服務",再選"開啟服務"),然後再開啟軟體。這樣軟體就可以跟記憶體的燈效連接訊號,啟動燈效控制。

如果要將軟體從v1.00.08 BETA版本升級至v1.00.16 BETA版本,請先閱讀(完整解除安裝指南)的步驟1-4流程以便清除殘留安裝檔。並從步驟5開始執行新軟體安裝。

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Trident Z RGB 控制台 Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 v1.00.28 2017年11月14日 英語 25.3 MB