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Taipei, Taiwan--12 May, 2008--G.Skill International Co. Ltd., a world leader in memory revolution, is announcing today its first SATA II 2.5" solid state drives (SSDs) with 32GB or 64GB of capacity. The G.Skill SSDs are robust substitutes for hard disc drives (HDDs) with significant advantages in reliability, performance, and energy-saving. G.Skill SSDs significantly decrease the risks of mechanical failure, and their energy efficiency feature ensure longer working time. The G.Skill SATA II SSD is the ultimate storage solution for the highest portable computer user experience.

Nothing can slow your productivity down! You will no longre experience crashing heads, shattered platters, or any hard disc failure. The G.Skill SSD's Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is approximately three times that of the HDD. Securing your data for years under harsh condition is also what the G.Skill SSD can do for you. Moreover, longer battery life prevents sudden power shut-down to ensure your data safety.
You will no longer have the time for a cup of tea after you start your laptop, because NAND flash memory inside each G.Skill SSD enables sppeedy system operation-up to 40% faster than HHDs. You will be able to start a game or a movie in the twinkling of an eye without any slowdown. The G.Skill SSDs also command a 1.3 times write speed improvement over HHDs.
You can expect better battery consistency. The G.Skill SSD consumes less than half the amount of energy compared to a conventional hard drive. There is no need for a fan to dissipate the heat because the G.Skill SSD generates little heat. With low power consumption of 135mA/194mA (read/write), the G.Skill SSDs are a complete dream for laptop users: better performance and lower power consumption.

As the leader of memory technology, G.Skill proudly introduces SATA II 32GB/64GB SSD to users who aspire to improved data safety, efficient performance, and longer battery life for portable computers.



Established in 1989 by computer hardware enthusiasts, G.SKILL is a leading memory & Solid State Drive manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company's top priority is quality. All of the products undergo a series of the most rigorous tests and strict quality control processes. In addition to a committed, qualified IC testing house to examine the products, all G.SKILL products are 100% tested to ensure the highest yield, reliability and quality.


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