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The 32GB kit from G.Skill RipjawsZ is pure luxury in terms of quad-channel memory for X79 motherboards. With 2133 MHz clock at CL9 this kit is not only large but also very fast. This memory drives the X79 platform and Intel's socket 2011 CPU to the limit definitely delivers with 50 GB / s throughput, memory throughput is the fullest no longer in most everyday situations. The 32GB kit with 8 GB modules in performance is fortunately only slightly behind its smaller counterparts to the 16 GB kit of 4 GB modules. Bigger is therefore in no slower.

Particularly positive contribution to the modules is that they could be used absolutely without any problems on several motherboards, despite their 4x8 GB the configuration and the high clock rate. The XMP and SPD of these modules is programmed sound, so that they run on systems that deal with the memory setup at boot ever sloppy.This is probably due to the fact that the modules while 1.6 V for 2133 MHz must also work loose with 1.5V at slightly lower clock speeds.

During Overclocking G.Skill RAM offering as expected not very much room for improvement, however, this quad-channel 4x8 GB kit anyway intended more for the enthusiasts who want to upgrade their PC up, as for overclockers who still want to see more MHz in their CPUZ screenshot. For this fraction G.Skill has just launched the first new TridentX, we will be testing soon also. Read more....


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