G.SKILL Limited Warranty Policy

G.SKILL Lifetime Warranty

G.SKILL Memory and MicroSD products carry a lifetime warranty, which guarantees the products to operate, as specified by its datasheet, in the operating environment for which they were intended, for the life of the product or extent of the warranty. G.SKILL will, at its option, either repair or replace any part of its products that prove defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials. If G.SKILL is unable to repair or replace the product, G.SKILL will exchange with another product similar in functionality to the product under warranty.

G.SKILL One-Year / Two-Year / Three-Year Warranty

G.SKILL SSD and cooler products carry a one-year warranty, two- year warranty, or three-year warranty, which guarantees the products to operate, as specified by its datasheet, in the operating environment for which they were intended, for the duration of the warranty. G.SKILL SSD products are covered by this warranty for a period of two or three years from the date of original manufacture (indicated by serial number). Discontinued and out of warranty G.SKILL products are not eligible for replacement or repair.

The following cooler product carries a one-year warranty: Turbulence II

The following SSD product series carry a two-year warranty: Falcon and Falcon II.

The following SSD product series carry a three-year warranty: Sniper, Phoenix, Phoenix PRO, Phoenix EVO, and Phoenix III.

Warranty Exclusions

G.SKILL warranty does not apply to any G.SKILL product on which original identification information or warranty stickers have been altered, defaced, or removed. G.SKILL warranty also does not cover any product with damage that result from accident, misuse, neglect, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, natural disasters, unauthorized disassembly or modifications, improper installation or assembly, removal or reassembly of heat spreader, improper packaging or handling, insufficient or excessive electrical supply. G.SKILL warranty is also void under the following conditions: missing, damaged, or bent pins; missing, detached, or loose chips; damaged or missing connectors; damaged, detached, or missing casing or heat spreaders.

G.SKILL will not be liable for, and does not cover under warranty: recovery of data; installation of G.SKILL products; inspection or testing costs; installation and removal fees; and general, consequential, incidental, or special damages which include, but not limited to, loss of data and loss of profit.


G.SKILL RMA Policy and Procedures

G.SKILL recommends End Users to contact the original retailer or vendor before requesting RMA from G.SKILL for a faster replacement process. Prior to requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), G.SKILL recommends End Users to troubleshoot with G.SKILL technical support. This may save time and costs from unnecessary shipping.

How to Request an RMA number:

  1. Go to the official G.SKILL website and look for “Support -> RMA Request” in the website menu.

  2. Complete the online RMA Request Form. If serial numbers or address field does not apply or does not exist, please type “n/a”.

  3. Check the confirmation statement on the bottom of the page, after reading and understanding our RMA and Warranty Policy. Then click on Submit.

  4. You will see a confirmation page, along with the information you have submitted. If there are any errors, please go back and resubmit the online RMA Request Form.

  5. You will receive an RMA number, shipping instructions, and “RMA Confirmation Form” at the email address you provided.


When shipping for RMA:

  1. Make sure your G.SKILL product is defective. All G.SKILL products received by G.SKILL will be tested thoroughly. G.SKILL products that turn out to be non-defective or damaged by overclocking will be returned with additional administration and shipping fees.

  2. Do not send products without a valid RMA number. Each product will be issued its own RMA number. Products without a valid RMA number will not be accepted and will be returned.

  3. The valid RMA number must be legibly and prominently displayed on the “RMA Confirmation Form” AND on the package. Packages without an RMA number on the package may be refused.  

  4. Include all modules of a memory kit for RMA. Memory kits are tested together to ensure compatibility. We do not guarantee compatibility if the faulty module(s) is returned without the remaining modules of the same memory kit.

  5. Include a printed copy of the RMA request form with the product. This will help us identify your RMA more easily and prevent delays.

  6. DO properly package products to prevent damage during shipping, such as bubble wrap, antistatic bag, or cardboard box. Best if original packaging. DO NOT use standard mailing envelopes.

  7. Please indicate “No Commercial Value. For RMA only.” on the package.

  8. Products must be freight-shipped prepaid and insured by End User. G.SKILL is not responsible for any items damaged or lost in transit. G.SKILL is not responsible for any non-G.SKILL products received.

  9. A shipping service that provides tracking information and/or delivery confirmation is recommended.

  10. If the memory kit includes a memory fan, then the memory fan must also be returned along with the memory kit for RMA replacement.


When receiving your replacement:

  1. Please check the package for any signs of damages before signing for the package with the courier. If there are signs of damage to the package, please do not accept the package and return the package to the courier. Once the package has been signed for, any damages will be the End User’s responsibility.

  2. The End User is responsible for any duties, tariffs, taxes, or other fees issued by local customs. G.SKILL will attach proper documentation with each RMA package. G.SKILL is willing to provide a copy of the corresponding RMA shipment invoice for the End User, for customs office use, upon the End User’s request.



  1. All products received by G.SKILL or G.SKILL associates become the property of G.SKILL.

  2. Defective G.SKILL products with a valid RMA number will be replaced by G.SKILL with a product of the same model. If no product of the same model is available, G.SKILL will exchange for a similar or closest product based on functionality and product type.

  3. The replacement G.SKILL product will typically be returned via EMS (if shipped from Asia), via TNT (if shipped from Europe), or via USPS (if shipped from the USA). Alternative shipping services may be used upon request. Please allow at least 5-7 business days for processing and shipping after the receipt of defective product(s) with valid RMA number(s).

  4. If your product is not available at the G.SKILL Europe Service Center, your RMA request will be transferred to Taiwan, and your replacement will be sent from Taiwan.

  5. G.SKILL will notify End Users about any additional charges, out-of-warranty products, or non-G.SKILL products received. G.SKILL will not be responsible for the product(s) if there is no response or payment from the End User within one (1) year from the date of notification.


Second RMA Procedures:

  1. If a complete product was replaced under RMA and is defective upon inspection or is defective by reason of improper workmanship or materials, then the product qualifies for a second RMA within 90 days of receipt of previous RMA.

  2. End Users must troubleshoot with a G.SKILL tech support representative prior to requesting a second RMA.

  3. If the G.SKILL technician concludes that the product qualifies for a second RMA, G.SKILL will issue a second RMA number for the defective product.

  4. If your G.SKILL product is approved for a second RMA, the product will be repaired or replaced, and returned to the user at G.SKILL’s expense.


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